Welcome to Bad-Blood.net!

Home of the Bad Blood Gaming Community.

Feel free to look at our site, check member profiles, take a look at our forums, and if you like what you see, and play any of the games we play, feel free to fill in an application to join us!

We're a fun loving guild, based mainly in the UK but over our history, we've had an assortment of weird and wonderful folks from all over the world.

WAR is everywhere!

Bad Blood has found its way onto Warhammer Online:Age of Reckonings Karag Orrud server!

We're playing on Order and the community is beginning to thrive! Watch this space folks! :)

Bad Blood Boat Trip a Success!

Bad Blood Boat Trip 2008 was a complete success!

Stories, Route and Photos to come shortly!

Opening of Bad-Blood.net!

Well, it's official! Bad-Blood.net is open! To find out more about us, click the "Info" button on the left!

Bad Blood is a 4 year old Gaming Community consisting of members that we've picked up on our many gaming travels.